ECE competencies mapping toolBenefits of Mapping

High-quality early learning opportunities for children can be delivered only by highly competent early childhood professionals. To reach proficiency, these professionals need effective postsecondary coursework and professional development experiences linked to competencies.

California's competitiveness in a global economy depends upon a highly competent workforce. Policy makers and business leaders now recognize what educators have known for years: Quality of life and social/economic strength depends on high quality early experiences for young children. Competent adulthood begins with a solid foundation in the early years.

  1. Access the Early Childhood Educator (ECE) Competencies document
  2. View a short video on the ECE Competencies:

The web-based Mapping Tool analyzes the link between the California Early Childhood Educator Competencies and specific ECE course offerings and trainings. This provides educational stakeholders with a tangible way to calculate the opportunities to develop competencies offered in specific courses or trainings.

Faculty and Professional Development Providers
. . . can see how their courses and programs support competency development in their students.

Departments and Agencies
. . . can use the reports generated by the Mapping Tool for program review, grant applications, accreditation efforts, and writing reports.

State of California
. . . can use the reports to understand the opportunities for competency development throughout the state.

. . . can understand the specific competencies addressed in the courses and trainings they select.

The ECE Competencies Mapping Tool is a gateway to greater ECE workforce competency in California. A high quality ECE workforce creates optimal ECE programs; an optimal ECE program supports the development of capable children; capable children grow into effective workers and citizens!